2012 Can. SF


The following is a list of Canadian speculative fiction and non-fiction published in the year 2012. There have been changes to the structure of the Aurora Awards for the 2012 year; please see Changes to the 2012 Aurora Awards below for a list of the changes made to the Award categories.


Because these listings are, in part, intended to be used as reference for Aurora Award (and other awards for which these works may be eligible) nominations, there are several distinctions made in the listings. They are outlined in the legend that follows:

  • * : Entries marked with a “(*)” denote an entry that its creator has deemed to be their preferred nomination in the category in which it appears.
  • + : Entries marked with a “(+)” do not meet the eligibility requirement for an Aurora nomination, but have been listed anyway because of the attempt to make these listings as complete as possible.

Regarding Eligibility for the Auroras: Books, both print and e-book, must have an ISBN (this applies to self-published works as well) in order to be eligible. Short fiction is eligible only if the creator of the work was paid in accordance with the Aurora Committee’s guidelines for professional payment (see paragraph below): this is a fluid valuation, but a good guideline is that if the payment for the work was semi-professional rate (0.1/word) or up the work should be eligible. Other methods of payment can also potentially make a work eligible, but eligibility is determined by the Aurora Committee. If your work is not currently considered eligible and you believe it should be, please contact the Aurora Committee at admin [at] prixaurorawards [dot] ca.

For the record, the Aurora Committee defines a professional as: [someone] that earns all or part of their living from an endeavour. This may be a flat rate or be based on commission. Getting paid with copies of your work or for sub-professional compensation is not a Professional standard.

For the full definition of professional as defined by the Aurora Award Committee, please see the Professional Awards Definitions page on the Prix Aurora Awards website.

In general terms, the following is the definition for eligible works, according to the Aurora Awards Committee: All items in these categories must have been originally published, performed or done in the prior calendar year. The calendar year runs from January 1st and ends at midnight on December 31st. All nominees in any of these categories must be a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant. A work or person can not be nominated for the same thing in more than one category.


Changes to the 2012 Aurora Awards: There were three changes made to the structure of the Aurora Awards going forward which will be in effect as of 2012 Aurora Awards eligible work. These changes are as follows.

1. Best Novel has been split into Best Novel and Best YA Novel. You can find the definition for the new Best YA Novel category on the 2012 Can. SF – YA Novels page, but in brief the category is 30,000 words and up (this does yet appear to have any affect on adult Novellas of up to 40,000 words), and as YA has not been defined specifically in the category definition I am assuming that YA covers YA, YP, and MG material. Also, if you feel that an entry of yours that has been classified as a YA Novel should be considered under the Best Novel category instead, you may request that the Aurora Committee consider your YA novel as an adult novel instead by contacting the Aurora Awards Administrator (using the Aurora Committee e-mail listed above).

2. Only professional artists are now eligible for the Best Artists category. Professional definitions for artists follow the same moderately defined guidelines as those for creators of fiction and non-fiction: paid work of sufficient monetary compensation, or an appropriate equivalent as defined by the Aurora Committee. The work of Fan artists is still eligible for an Aurora Award nomination, but is eligible in the Best Fan Other category which, incidentally, has been renamed. That brings us to change number …

3. The Best Fan Other category has been renamed the Best Fan Related Work category. It is exactly the same in every respect except that it, as mentioned above, now also covers art created by Fans (those who did not, in the qualifying year, or for qualifying work, receive sufficient payment to be considered professional creators).

[Update] 4. As mentioned here on the website in the blog post of November 25th, 2012 the Aurora Awards now consider Fan work to be work done by someone who has no professional standing in a related field. This could, potentially, mean a number of different things, but right now it means that if you are doing Fan work that directly relates to work you do in a Professional context elsewhere, your Fan work will be considered Professional (unless there is no equivalent Professional category for the kind of work you are doing).

[Update] 5. As covered here on the website in the blog post of December 14th, 2012, the definition of the Best Fan Filk category has been expanded to include additional activities. The category definition for Best Fan Filk now reads: “Musical activities by a Canadian fan based on science fiction or fantasy in areas such as album, song-writing, video, performance or sound engineering. The traditional term for fan music is filk. We view filk as including Wizard, Timelord and Goblin Rock; music of the SCA; Tolkien music and other specialty types as they emerge.”


Given that this list is by no means complete, if you have information to add to the listings, you can either post it in the Comments field of this page, or you can e-mail the information to me, Michael Matheson, at canspecficlist@gmail.com. If possible please include a link to where the information is available (free to read, at Amazon, the publisher’s site, etc.), and we’ll put that in the entry too.

The list itself uses as wide a definition of speculative fiction as possible: SF/F/H, Magic Realism, Slipstream, Fabulism, etc. are all included. The listings also cover speculative fiction written for MG through Adult audiences, to be as inclusive as possible.

Please notify me of any incorrect information (dead links; entries in the wrong length category, etc.) as I would like to maintain as accurate a list as possible. The “[?]” denotes missing information, so in any instance where you see that annotation and you know the relevant information, please do let me know.


Please select a category from the list below to go the page for that category.


Novels (Over 40,000 Words)

YA Novels (Over 30,000 Words – YA, YP, and MG Titles)

Novellas (17,500 to 40,000 Words)

Novelettes (7,500 to 17,500 Words)

Short Fiction (Up to 7,500 Words)

Poetry (Aurora Nominations Made Under “Best Poem/Song” Category)

Songs (Aurora Nominations Made Under “Best Poem/Song” Category)

Graphic Novels (Category Also Includes Single Issues of a Serial or Online Comics)

Magazines (Aurora Nominations Made Under “Best Related Work” Category)

Anthologies (Aurora Nominations Made Under “Best Related Work” Category)

Single Author Collections (Aurora Nominations Made Under “Best Related Work” Category)

CDs (Aurora Nominations Made Under “Best Related Work” Category)

Critical Non-Fiction (Book Reviews, Editorials, Etc. – Aurora Nominations Made Under “Best Related Work” Category)

Artists (Professional Only – Fan Artists Now Listed Under “Best Fan Related Work”)

Fan Publication

Fan Organizational

Fan Filk

Fan Related Work


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